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We Invest in The Future.

Presidio Innovation uses its services practice as a means of identifying strategic opportunities for the placement of capital. Approximately 10% of our annual earnings go back into an early stage investment fund focused on growth and opportunity.

Our portfolio includes:

iTeam Sport.jpeg

Kolos is changing the paradigm in hosting infrastructure, moving away from dense, high cost fossil fuel driven areas, to an area abundant in clean renewable energy. Acquired by Hive Blockchain in 2018.

ITeamSport is the 1st to offer a customizable player development tool allowing the users to create their own exercises and activities to evaluate members athletic development. Acquired by in 2016.


Captario provides risk assessment and mitigation software for the pharmaceutical industry.


TestSnap is a open source automated testing tool that enables small developers to scale their testing without dedicated testing resources. Project was donated to UCSD in 2016.


Solar Growth Capital is a Milan based investment company that uses proprietary technology to manage small scale solar assets in Italy.


Smart Rail is a modular railing system used in 

houses, apartments and office buildings across 

Scandinavia. The systems unique modular design is durable and takes a fraction of the time that traditional railing systems take to install.

5f36909dbe85341511ae7454_Zelo logo header.png

Zelo provides a multi-channel communications  platform used by Global 1000 companies throughout the world to reach their remote employees.

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