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Verizon Messaging Client

Our team led a joint venture between Verizon Wireless and Lumata to design and develop a next generation messaging client. The client was downloaded over 100 million times and was ranked as the 2nd highest application for Android and IOS from 2011-2013. It is still used today by over 45 million consumers. We were responsible for product management, program management and engineering.

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Zelo Multi-Channel Communication Platform

Zelo is a content distribution system that allows a business to distribute video, audio, surveys and text to thousands of people and track the responses over multiple channels simultaneously. Zelo has been the platform of choice by many of the Global 1000 and has been heralded for its analytics framework (some of our best work). Our team was responsible for user experience design and product management.

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Switch/r is a crowd funding platform designed to democratize solar energy. Through the platform, small investors can purchase individual panels in a solar farm and be paid a quarterly dividend. Investors throughout the world have invested millions of dollars in clean, renewable energy. Our team was responsible for designing the interface and product management.


Captario SUM

Captario SUM is a risk assessment platform used by six of the top ten Pharma companies. The platform runs millions of simulations in minutes to determine the likely potential outcomes of decisions made during drug trials. It is also used in several other industries (e.g. government). The Presidio Innovation Team has a 8 year history with Captario working on product management, business development and usability.

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