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Developing Innovative Products & Strategies



Presidio Innovation is a full service product design firm offering a wide array of services including market research, product design, interface design, usability testing, business model creation and business development. We have extensive resources throughout the globe to handle all aspect software design and creation.


Presidio Innovation has been a part of a wide range of software projects across the globe. The business models include Software as a Service (SaaS), direct licensing and open source. Our development methodologies have also varied from Agile to Waterfall depending on the nature of the project.


Over the last decade, the Presidio Innovation Team has been a part of over seventy software projects in eight industry sectors. Our clients have ranged from some of the largest companies in the world to early stage start-ups.


Presidio Innovation is first and foremost, a product development company. Most of our work is designing software for our own needs or for licensing to our clients. At any point in time, we have 1-2 projects under development. Sometimes, we develop these technologies with no customer in mind but because we think it would be interesting and might open new doors for us to explore. In most cases, we develop for specific markets or with licensing to our Global 1000 partners in mind.

We also provide product management and development capabilities to other companies. To that end, our team is focused on getting your products to market to meet the demands of your customers.



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“After working with Mark (and his team) in the commercial development of my company, I am hugely impressed by how sharp and rapid Mark is to analyze and come up with clear guidance and valuable business advice. Always with a smile and an encouraging pat on the shoulder.”


Patric Bottne

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